Changing the future with TiSurf Technology.

Titanium in new applications.

Tested and approved in extreme conditions

TiSurf® is a ceramic/metal hybrid material. A ceramic surface of titanium nitride makes titanium parts 10 times harder and more wear resistant, with the added qualities of extremely low friction and exceptional corrosion resistance. TiSurf® has been successfully applied in several prestigious and demanding applications in the aerospace, offshore and racing industries. To date, TiSurf® has been involved in seven different NASA/ESA missions including Rosetta and Cassini, piston rods for Statoil’s oil platforms in the North Sea, racing projects in F1, LeMans and MX, and medical applications such as heart valves and catheters for hemodialysis.

New Solution Titanium - TiSurf®


  • Titanium in new applications
  • Depth-hardening of titanium
  • Chemical conversion of titanium surface to ceramic (TiN)
  • Surface is 2-3x harder than hard chrome
  • Excellent tribological properties
  • Extremly low friction
  • High wear resistance
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Exceptional good corrosion resistance
  • Biocompatible
  • Heat resistant
  • Non magnetic


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less maintenance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Ultra-low friction
  • Lower weight
  • Low-noise applications
  • Lower demands on lubricants
  • Greener lifecycle

Exemples of Components

  • Shafts
  • Tubes
  • Fixings
  • Bearings
  • Pistons
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Prostheses

Potential markets

  • Next-generation vehicles
  • Energy sector
  • Process industry
  • Off-shore industry
  • Marine industry
  • Medical industry
  • Defense industry
  • Consumer market
TISURF ENGINE PISTON WRIST PINSTiSurf componentsTiSurf components

TiSurf® components vs. steel components

TiSurf Shock absorber Piston rods

Shock absorber rods

  • 40% lower variable weight
  • No hard chrome
  • Surface evenness at nanoscale level
  • No corrosion
  • Better traction
  • Shorter braking distance
  • Lower fuel consumption

Finer surface provides less friction. Lower friction provides better handling. Better road handling provides shorter braking distances and lower fuel consumption, as well as greater comfort for passengers.

Engine Piston pins

Engine Piston wrist pins

  • 40% lower variable weight
  • Surface evenness at nanoscale level
  • Withstands higher temperatures*
  • Withstands higher loads
  • Lower emissions
  • Lower fuel consumption

Higher operating temperature of the engine produces less emissions and lower fuel consumption, but requires components that can withstand higher temperatures.

*Steel: 300-500o C, 800-1150 HV, hardness decreases with temperature.
TiSurf: 400-750 C, 2900-3100 HV, hardness highly temperature stable.

Latest news

Our new brochure

February 17, 2017

Our new brochure

See our new brouchure direct online (pdf-file)
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Storsatsning på världsunik titanteknik med säte i Mora och Sandviken

15 mars 2016

DalaDemoraten - Storsatsning på världsunik titanteknik med säte i Mora och Sandviken

– Framtidens konstruktioner måste vara lättare, hålla längre och ge längre friktion. Titan är 40 procent lättare än stål, säger Håkan Alfon, chef för Almi Invest som jobbar med riskkapitalinvesteringar.
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Almi Invest

10 mars 2016 - Almi Invest investerar i SentinaBays titanteknik

Globala krav på ekonomi och miljöprestanda ökar allt mer, vilket innebär att framtidens konstruktioner måste vara lättare, hålla längre och ge lägre friktion. Titan* är 40 procent lättare än stål och får med TiSurf® en härdning ner i metallen och en yta med låg friktion i keramik som är upp till 3 ggr hårdare än hårdkrom. TiSurf® bildar ett hybridmaterial (metall/keramik) med unik prestanda.
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Almi Invest

10 mars 2016

Sandbacka Park - SentinaBay utvecklar Tisurf

SentinaBay AB har sitt ursprung i Mora, men har nu sin bas på Sandbacka Park i Sandviken. Med ett nytillskott av 4,6 miljoner från Almi Invest och Sandvikeninvesterarna så ska det nya materialet ut på marknaden. Med det relativt höga priset på titan måste man hitta smarta och materialbesparande applikationer där materialet verkligen gör nytta.
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Almi storinvesterar i världsledande titanteknikr

9 mars 2016

Dalarnas tidning - Almi storinvesterar i världsledande titanteknik

Almi Invest investerar i SentinaBays världsledande titanberäggningsteknik som fick sitt genombrott via komponenter till ESA:s europiska satellit Rosetta.
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Svenskt bolag ger titan nya egenskaper

8 mars 2016

Ny Teknik - Svenskt bolag ger titan nya egenskaper

Nystartade Sentina Bay i Sandviken har utvecklat en process som gör titan både starkare och slittåligare. Nu tar företaget in 4,6 miljoner kronor för att ta det nya materialet till marknaden.
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Svenska Sentina Bay tar in kapital till framtidens supermaterial

8 mars 2016 - Svenska Sentina Bay tar in kapital till framtidens supermaterial

Titanbolaget tar in 4,6 miljoner kronor från Almi invest och organisationen Sandvikeninvesterarna, för att vidareutveckla ett material som ska användas i framtidens bilar, flygplan - och rymdfarkoster.
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Almi Invest

24 feb 2016

Almi Invest invests in SentinaBay´s titanium technology

Almi Invest is investing SEK 2.3 million in the new company SentinaBay AB, which aims to commercialize TiSurf®, a process that provides titanium with new characteristics and thereby new areas of use. The total first emission cost of SEK 4.6 million is shared by the Sandviken investors.
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Our Mission

"SentinaBay’s TiSurf® scalable production technology provides premium components,
designed for environmentally friendly low‐energy applications with high demands on low friction."

Our Business

Our Business

SentinaBay AB's focus lies on:

  • Commercialization of TiSurf® and TribSurf®
  • Licensing of technology
  • Sales and marketing of components
  • Development projects with customers

Our main focus is solutions for environmentally friendly low‐energy applications.


Our road to the market goes through:

  • The automotive industry
  • Premium and low-energy vehicles
  • Water management
  • Energy and mineral extraction.

We would like a joint monopoly with a strong partner, based on our technique. We are open to partnership, joint venture, co-owned companies and partial ownership in SentinaBay.

Our Owners

Our owners are:

Interested in investing in SentinaBay?
Contact Håkan Alfon, Almi Invest.

Our team

Pär Nyman

Project management technical team.
Mechanical engineer. Specialist in tribology and new solutions technology.

+46 70 541 83 98

Erik Johansson

PhD in Materials Science. Patents on nitration of titanium, spinal surgical instruments, etc. Advisor to the Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala University.

Richard Larker

Specialist in cost-effective material for weight-saving load-bearing structures, tribology, material standards, mechanical optimizations, Hot Isostatic Pressing ceramics and Quintus process (ABB).

Erik Rosenbaum

PhD in Physical Chemistry, specialized in optical fluorescence, Umeå University. R&D expert superhard materials, Element Six AB. Focus on applying superhard materials to industrial applications

Peter Östlund

Founder and CEO NewSoTech AB and SentinaBay AB. Sales Europe.

+46 70 302 84 59

Bill Kniegge

USA Market Manager. Business Development executive based in Charlotte, NC, USA


Eva Lönnelid

Project management.

+46 70 289 83 02

Majbritt Levinsen

Administration and communication.

Roseli Johansson.


Drop us a line


Office: Högbov 45, Sandviken, Sweden

Mail: Sandbacka Park, SE811 32 Sandviken

Invoice: SentinaBay AB, c/o NewSoTech,
Box 256, SE792 24 Mora


+46 250 141 00